Thermal Transfer Printers for packaging equipment.
Thermal Transfer Printers, also known as "On-Line Thermal Transfer Printers" or "Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO)", are industrial printers installed onto packaging lines to mark products by printing directly onto packaging material.
These printers are using the same printing technology as Thermal Transfer Label Printers, the only difference is that instead of printing onto labels these printers are printing directly onto product packaging.
How do they work?
How does a Thermal Transfer marking principle work?
Thermal Transfer works by melting solid ink from a roll of film
also called
 onto the surface of the packaging material
 also called - "substrate".

Thermal Transfer Printers can have two modes of operation - Continuous and Intermittent.
Because the printhead and film are in contact with the substrate during printing, we refer to this technology as "Contact Coding" or "Contact Marking".
The printer is, in fact, installed directly onto the packaging or production line by a support bracket.
If the substrate is in movement while printing we refer to this as Continuous operations. In this case, the printhead in the printer remains static while the substrate moves to create the print.
In Intermittent printing, this is the opposite - the printer transports the printhead across the substrate while packaging material remains static.
Where are they used - applications?
Thermal Transfer Overprinters are mainly used in the primary packing process - at the individual product level.
TTO is ideally suited for printing on non-porous packing film.
Another common use of TTO is to print variable information or whole labels on pre-printed (coloured) product labels.
High Resolution makes it possible to create high quality graphic prints like logos, texts, symbols and bar codes and technological process enables creation of permanent and safe marking.
TTO is also considered to be a relatively safe marking method against counterfeiting risks.
Kortho TT-Series TTO printers.
The longest ribbon capacity.
Up to 1800 meters and with a carrier thickness of just 4 micron.
Kortho patented SMARTFORCE™ technology all ribbon problems belong to the past. No breaks, wrinkles or stuck ribbon rolls.
This system  measures and adjusts the tension in real-timeso so it’s always kept on a constant and optimal value.
The result: maximum reliability and the longest ribbon on the market.
Always the best print quality.
Even on worn or uneven surfaces.
The same SMARTFORCE™ technology is also used to regulate the pressure of the printhead onto the substrate. By real-time measuring and adjusting the force it is always kept optimal and constant.
Even if the printing surface is bumpy or uneven the printhead will compensate all imperfections by following the trajectory flawlessly.
This makes the TT-Series the most forgiving and bulletproof printer on the market. Even on an uneven surface or with a worn platen or roller the Kortho TT-Series will print as perfect as on the first day of installation!
SLIMLINE™ concept.
Up to 50% cheaper system price, many printers - one controller.
Just like with our software, the use of our controller is also optional.
The printing unit of the TT-Series already has everything you need.
Even an integrated status screen and LED alarm beacon!
We call this our SLIMLINE™ concept, which stands for "Smart, Less Is More".
Through our FREE Kortho Control Center app you can control an unlimited amount of printers from any previously purchased PC, server or even a tablet.
Save up to 50% on unnecessary equipment by using what your already have!
Kortho Control Center software can be used to control all Kortho printers. Regardless if it’s just one, or a mix of many different model printers at the same time.
YES - You can have Kortho TTO Printer and Kortho Inkjet Printer and control them both from a single controller. You can even have unlimited number of printers in any combination controlled from the same single device.
More printers = More savings on controllers!
Each printer that you connect will automatically appear under the name that you choose in a printer overview menu.
By simply clicking on the printers names you can easily toggle between the GUI’s of the individual printers.
Works directly with all software and ERP systems.
Where other printers only work with their own brand software, Kortho leaves the choice of software completely up to you.
The TT-Series is basically an industrial PC with a printhead.
Because of this any imaginable software, connector or protocol (including wifi) is plug & print compatible.
Operate all printers from the same user-friendly interface.
The use of our FREE Kortho Control Center software is totally optional. This makes you totally free to choose the software that’s best suited for your application.
The Kortho Printerface IoT has a full Windows 10 OS.
Because of this you have full Windows functionality in the GUI.
This means that any Windows software will run directly on the controller.
So if for example you wish to control your printers with Nicelabel or Bartender no additional PC will be needed anymore.
Not only our software is FREE, our customers also don't need to buy our Printerface IoT controller in order to use Kortho Control Center.
The software will also run on ANY Windows system.
This makes you free to use any of your previously purchased Windows systems as a controller.
Because of this, in combination with our SLIMLINE™ printers which don’t need a controller, many costs can be saved on control boxes!
The most intuitive and complete GUI + simple repairs.
Simple & Easy for the User.
Our WYSIWYG on-screen label design for example allows you to design a label and directly calculates the cost-per-print.

It also has an internal barcode generator (including serialization functions) which supports 113+ different barcode types.
Naturally all autocodes, menu’s and keyboards are available in each font or language.
Simple & Easy for the Engineer.
No more tangling with the wires and laptops down the factory floor...
1. Install the app on your phone.
2. Connect to printer via WiFi or Bluetooth.
3. Test - Diagnose - Repair.
Simple & Cheap for the Business.
No more expensive bills for replacement modules and computers.
1. No need for replacement controllers.
Printer Control software can run on any computer - if one breaks, "borrow" another one from an accounting or logistics department. Install the software and "Plug & Play" - production line is back up and running in no time!
2. Simple repairs & Cheap spare parts.
If printer requires parts to be replaced you don't need to buy expensive modules due to modular design, you just change the part that failed - Cheap & Simple.
In fact - they are so simple, you can even install them yourself and save even more.
3. Cheap ribbons & less downtime due to large roll size.
No need to touch ribbon for a long time due to the longest ribbon roll in the industry - increased nonstop running time.
No need to "hunt" for cheap, low quality ribbons and compromise on print quality - large roll size already give you the best possible price per roll in the industry.
Thermal Transfer Ribbons.
With lengths up to 1800 meters and a carrier thickness of just
4 micron the TT-Series ribbons are by far the longest, but also most compact ribbons on the market.
These extreme properties are possible thanks to the patented SMARTFORCE™ ribbon system of the TT-Series.
This system constantly keeps the ribbon tension optimal by regulating it in real-time.
By doing so snagging, tension buildups or loose hanging ribbon is prevented, even at extreme ribbon lengths.
High Quality ribbons, but at extremely low prices.
The large amount of meters on a single roll translate to much lower production costs.
This as slitting the same amount of ribbon on smaller rolls will require multiple cutting runs and ribbon cores.
Cores on which even more costs are saved thanks to the unique cassette of the TT-Series.
Where other printers have to use expensive plastic cores, the TT-Series can flawlessly process cheap cardboard ones.
Kortho TT-Series ribbons are classified in three main categories:


Each category having a different compound, but also carrier thickness.
Because of this the premium rolls have the same length as standard ones despite their much thicker layer of pigment and resin.

Next to these three main categories naturally also special compound or colored ribbons are available.
The longest ribbon in the world, so also the least downtime due to ribbon exchanges 

A quality ribbon, but at competitive pricing due to minimal slitting and cardboard cores 

Near-Edge high speed ribbons for printing over 60+ meters/minute

Compact roll dimensions and low roll weight is achieved through thin carriers

Premium ribbons compensate thicker resin and pigment layers with even thinner carriers

Extensive offering of three ribbon categories: Standard, Premium and Excellence

Ribbons with special compounds or colors also available upon request
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