Industrial marking equipment for wood and timber marking. for woodworking industry in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania offers wide range of solutions to automate wood marking.

Nowadays it's more and more important to automate production and cut costs where possible to be competitive and manual wood product marking, like for example marking with paint sprays is becoming out of date solution for many companies.

While upgrading sawmills companies are trying to upgrade marking solutions in their facilities and change old paint sprays with automatic on line printers that can print variable information without additional workforce to operate them. 

Automatic printers can be used to print CE, FSC, PEFC certificate or any other variable information like sizes, company logo and manufacturer data on wood products.
Piezoelectric inkjet printers offer wide range of piezoelectric printers that can automate production marking in woodworking industry. 

Our printers are equipped with high quality Japanese ("shear mode") print heads which also can be equipped with additional heating elements to maintain reliable operation in our climate conditions.

Printers can print any variable information and be linked with scanners or most of production management systems.

Print resulutions for most of the printers can be up to 780dpi and print speeds can achieve up to 80m/min, while maintaining low ink consumption.

Printers can be equipped with one or multiple print heads. Print head width can be from 17mm to 140mm.

Piezoelectrik inkjet printer print sample on wood.

    Laser marking systems for automated wood marking.

    Additionally to all known inkjet printers that can be used to mark on wood we also offer laser marking solutions.

    Main advantage of using laser is that there is no long term costs, no ink or any other consumables. Althought laser marking system costs more than inkjet printers, because of no expenses on ink, investment in laser marking system pays off in average within 3 - 4 years.

Laser marking sample on wood.

    Expected lifetime of CO₂ laser marking systems light source is 30 000h, which means that in average while working in one shift laser without any investments will last 6 - 8 years.

    Plastic labels and tags for lumber, pack and pallet marking.

    Additionally to automatic marking systems and solutions we also offer thermal transfer printers and special self adhesive and non self adhesive plastic labels and tags that can be overprinted in label printers.

    Main material we offer for labels that are being used in woodworking industry is coextruded, 120µ thick, polyolefine based multi layer film. Film is printable - without additional coating and treated with "Corona treatment" on both sides as standard.

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