Industrial Label Printers - Thermal Transfer
In thermal transfer printing, thermal printhead applies heat to ribbon, which melts ink onto the material to form the image.
The ink is absorbed so that the image becomes part of the media.
Thermal transfer printers can accept wider variety of media than direct thermal models, including paper, polyester, and polypropylene materials.

Thermal transfer printers can create extremely durable wristbands, asset tags, and certification labels, in addition to common labels, tags, and tickets.

The specific label material and ribbon must be carefully matched to ensure print performance and durability.

While selecting the right media-ribbon combination, as well as specialty adhesives, users can create archival-quality labels to withstand temperature extremes, ultraviolet exposure, chemicals, sterilization, and more.
Typical thermal transfer applications include: product identification; circuit board tracking; permanent identification; sample and file tracking; asset tagging; inventory identification; certification labels such as UL/CSA; laboratory specimens; cold storage and freezers; and outdoor applications.
    + Can print on almost any material.
    + Can print with other colors than black (color ribbons available).
    + Print durability.
    + Print head wears less than using Direct Thermal Printing.
    - Slightly more expensive consumables than in Direct Thermal Printing.
    - Slightly more complicated maintenance than with Direct Thermal Printing.
For most of industrial label printers there is wide range of additional equipment options available.
Automatic label cutters.

Automatic labe cutters can be used when there is need for different length labels. User can use continuour roll of label material or film, and while designing label choose what length is needed and printer will pre-cut labels in required length while printing them.

Label rewinders and unwinders.

Label rewinders and unwinders can be used to print labels from rolls that are too big to be inserted in printer case, and to roll ready labels after printing back on roll to ensure easy work with labels and less mess.
Thermal transfer ribbons.
All thermal transfer label printers uses wide range of ribons.

Thermal transfer ribbons have various quality types:

    Wax ribbon

    Wax/Resin ribbon

    Resin ribbon

    Textile ribbon

Depending on printable material and requirements various ribbons might be necessary. To print on simple paper labels should have enough with  Wax ribbon, but to print on plastic labels more expensive Resin ribbon might be needed.

Additionally to black ribons wide range of color ribbons are available.
All thermal transfer printers can use any of the color ribbons.

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