wide range of Industrial Marking Solutions that requires high level of expertise and where other market players might not be qualified to assist.
Each industrial marking project is unique and requires individual approach with professional expertise to find the right solution, so we encourage our potential clients to contact us via our e-mail for more thorough consultation about all available equipment options.
All equipment we offer is not listed on our website, so we might have solution for your manufacturing requirement even if you don't see it listed on our website.
Laser Marking Solutions
Wide range of laser marking systems from Telesis Technologies Inc.

Individually selected and high power lasers.

CO₂ Lasers
YAG & Fibre Lasers
UV, Green and Vanadite Lasers

Wood & Timber marking solutions
Solutions and equipment for automatic wood & timber marking in woodworking industry and sawmills.
Thermal transfer printers and plastic labels for wood product and pack marking.
PET bottle marking with laser marking systems
TELESIS CO₂ and EVC laser marking systems for best before date printing on PET bottles.

Permanent and counterfeiting safe marking of PET bottles.

Save on ink - no worries about ink costs.
No need to clean continuous inkjet printer system.
No hassle to change ink color when bottle color changes.
Easy and reliable marking of multi color PET bottles with one device. 
Metal marking and engraving with dot peen systems
One of the fields of Industrial Marking where we specialize is metal marking, we, and our partners, have expierience with multiple complex projects where clients required marking that other marking technologies and equipment were struggling to achieve or the wrong technology was sold to client.
TMP - 1700

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Within Industrial Marking field more important than equipment price is to evaluate if this "cheaper equipment" will be able to provide either deep enough marking or will be able to mark at all clients product if its made from specific material.

Baltic manufacturing industry is familiar with situation when inexperienced production manager has bought seemingly cheaper equipment, but this equipment does not work as required or often doesn't work when needed.

In such situations factory has not only lost - wasted financial resources that were invested in purchase of this equipment, but also lost production time due to downtime and delays.

One of the most common problems in metal marking with dot peen technology is that marking is not deep enough to survive galvanizing and painting, and remain visible to end user - product buyer.

Sample of POOR quality dot-peen marking, before galvanizing and painting.

Sample of GOOD quality dot-peen marking, AFTER galvanizing and painting.

As shown in samples above - if right equipment is used this problem is avoided and high quality marking can be sustained even after product is galvanized and painted.

Portable marking systems (Read more...)

Laser marking using chemical additives
Complicated applications to mark materials which are insusceptible to laser beam radiation and hard to mark.

Fish & Seafood product marking solutions
  • Ink jet printers for "Best before:", "Use by:", "Batch Nr.:" and other variable information marking.
  • Ink Jet printers for full color label printing on packaging.
  • Lasers for product marking.
Meat product Marking & Coding solutions
Special lasers for direct, permanent and secure marking of sausage packaging films.

Anti-Counterfeit marking.
Identification protection solutions.
No damage to product or quality.
Laser Cleaning Equipment.
Portable, Hand-Held and Built-In On-Line solutions for automated surface cleaning using advanced laser technologies.

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Systems
Future manufacturing technologies for Additive Manufacturing and Hybrid Additive Manufacturing.

  • 3D Printed Electronics
  • 3D Printed Metals
  • Laser Additive Manufacturing
  • Build or Repair parts in Layerwise Fashion
Laser Micro Machining Systems
  • Laser micro drilling.
  • Laser micro manufacturing.
Laser Safety Equipment

Laser safety eyewear
Laser fume extractors
Laser safety curtains
Laser safety enclosures and workstations.
Consultations - product marking, identification and automation
Disregarding what industry you work for and what you manufacture all products that are being manufactured in some way need to be marked.

Industrial marking is more complex field than it might seem to be and due to being very specific market niche experienced specialists that are familiar with many marking technologies are hard to find.

Choosing the wrong technology and solution might lead to factory downtime and high consumable costs in long run, so we offer not only equipment itself, but also consult manufacturing industry about solutions and technologies available and how to choose the best for each project.

How to protect your product?
How to automate marking process of your production?
How to choose the right marking technology for your product?
Anti - Counterfeiting identification marking solutions
How to protect Your products from identification fraud and data falsification?
Variable data.
Individual approach.
Technological "Know-How".
Industrial floor & pavement marking solutions.

Concrete floor marking.
Warehouse and factory floor marking.
Garage and workshop floor marking solutions.

  • Floor marking tapes.
  • Floor marking shapes.
  • Anti-slip tapes.
  • Fluorescent tapes
Read more about Kortho Software & IT Solutions for manufacturing:

Preventing Coding & Product Identification errors
Centralized Printer Controls
Automated print jobs
Preventing  "Human Errors" in manufacturing
Automated Serialization
Integrated "checksystems" & "checkpoints"
Intelligent Label Design
Custom Operator Interface Systems

To find out more about equipment we offer please contact us via e-mail:

Label printers
Direct Thermal
Thermal Transfer

Non - contact marking
CIJ - Continuous inkjet
DOD - Piezoelectric inkjet
DOD - Thermal inkjet
Laser marking solutions
CO₂ Lasers
YAG & Fibre Lasers
UV, Green & Innovative Lasers
Contact marking
Hot Foil printers
Thermal Transfer Printers (TTO)
Label applicators
Dot-peen marking systems
Scribe marking systems

Portable marking equipment
Laser safety solutions
Laser Micromachining Systems
Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
Laser Cleaning Systems
Portable metal marking gun

Deep marking

Large marking window:
140mm x 40mm
Warehouse marking.