Portable marking equipment.

Portable metal marking equipment.
marking.ee offers wide range of TELESIS dot-peen technology metal marking solutions.
TELESIS is American manufacturer of premium quality dot peen marking equipment and is preferred choice for many worldwide construction and manufacturing sites that require robust and reliable equipment that works in harsh conditions.
All TELESIS dot peen marking machines are still made in USA.

TELESIS offers two types of portable dot peen marking machines:
  • Pneumatic - PinStamp® compressed air driven systems for achieving deep marking on metal products that will be galvanized and painted afterwards.
  • Electromechanical - BenchMark® systems driven by electricity - without need for compressed air supply for general metal marking requirements.
TELESIS PinStamp® and BenchMark® systems have been well proven solution in metal marking for many years and in 2015 TELESIS launched additional Hand Held marking device called NOMAD 4000.

NOMAD 4000 is compact and fully portable metal marking system with built in battery so it doesn't require compressed air or electrical supply.

TELESIS NOMAD 2000 (25mm x 100mm)
Affordable, budget class dot peen marking system from TELESIS - NOMAD 2000.

The NOMAD 2000 is a fully portable, rechargeable, battery powered handheld marking system.
Mark up to .005 inches (0.125mm) deep in mild steel with the robust yet highly portable NOMAD 2000 hand held marking system.

With an electromechanical pin that eliminates the need for any air supply, the NOMAD 2000 is the perfect choice for applications requiring both portability and

  • Ergonomic dual handle design
  • Large 1” x 4” (25mm x 100mm) marking window
  • Robust design featuring rugged X-Y platform and all metal enclosure
  • Powerful pin drive design for marking depths of up to 0.005” (0.125mm) in mild steel
  • Head weighs less than 3.47 pounds (1.58kg) - less electronic cables - controller weighs approx 7lbs
  • Marks at speeds up to 2 characters-per-second
  • Self-contained, state-of-the-art TMC470 based NOMAD controller with USB and scanner port
  • Automatically generates serial numbers, date, time and shift codes
  • Stores up to 400 marking patterns
Optional accesories:
  • Bar code scanner for automatic data entry.
  • V-block kit for marking cylindrical parts.
  • Logo-Font Design software package for the design of custom fonts and logos.
  • Custom design carry on shoulder strap (available for all portable models).
TELESIS NOMAD 2000, brochure (English)  

TELESIS TMP-4750 (140mm x 40mm)
The newest addition to TELESIS portable metal marking equipment lineup is Pneumatic Marking Gun TMP-4750.

Brand new system launched in 2017 with big marking window of 140mm x 40mm designed to provide biggest marking window currently available on portable pneumatic dot peen marking systems in TELESIS product range and even stronger reinforced frame for reliable operation in harshest of industrial environments.

Portable pneumatic staple gun for timber labelling.
Portable label gun - also called stapler or tagger, designed for easy and productive use in wood and timber industry for easy lumber and wood construction material marking with water resistant and UV resistant labels.
Additionally to marking equipment we're also offering wide range of specialist labels for wood industry which are suitable for use in kilns and impregnation processes and survives UV light as well are waterproof.

To find out more about equipment we offer please contact us via e-mail: office@marking.ee

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