PET bottle marking using laser marking systems.
The most popular way to print best before date on PET bottles are CIJ (Continuous Inkjet Printers), but there are many downsides of using inkjet printers.
  • CIJ printers are consuming ink and in long term they are much more expensive industrial marking solution than lasers.
  • CIJ printers require regular maintenance and cleaning.
  • CIJ printers print can be cleaned by most solvents and best before date can be counterfeited.
  • CIJ printers can print only with one ink color at the time, so each time when bottle color changes printer has to be cleaned and ink has to be changed. for food processing and beverage industry in Baltic states offers innovative and economical solution to mark best before dates on PET bottles using laser marking systems instead of CIJ printers.

So far laser marking systems have been considered to be more expensive marking solution than CIJ printers, but lasers have evolved and nowadays there are many laser marking systems available for the price of a good CIJ printer available in the market.

More and more manufacturers are now choosing to switch from old CIJ printers to lasers to mark best before dates on their products - PET bottles.

    Main advantages of using laser marking systems:


    While best before date that has been printed with CIJ printer can be wipe away by solvent, laser print is burned into plastic and can not be removed.

    Lower operating costs.

    While CIJ printers uses ink, laser marking systems doesn't use any consumables at all so there are no long term costs.

    Versatility and ease of use.

    Use of laser system is very simple, there is no ink, and no cleaning necessary.

    Laser marking system easily mark any color bottle and there is no need to change inks.

Laser marking sample on different color PET bottles. offers two types of lasers for best before date marking on PET bottles.

    TELESIS CO₂ Laser marking systems

    CO₂ lasers are most popular laser systems for similar applications and are suitable for all organic material marking.

    TELESIS CO₂ lasers are available with MOTF (Mark-On-The-Fly) configurations and with power range of 10W - 60W depending on production line speed and client requirements.

    TELESIS E-Series Laser marking systems

    E-Series or Vanadite (Nd:YVO4) lasers are very new and innovative solid state lasers which are suitable for organic and non organic materials and their expected light source lifetime is up to 500 000h.

    TELESIS E-Series lasers are available with power range of 6W - 40W and can be used on different color plastic bottles to achieve visible and high contrast marking.

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  • CIJ -Continuous Inkjet Printers.

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