UV Lasers, Green Lasers & Innovative Laser Technologies.
marking.ee is partner of one of the world leading laser technology manufacturer Telesis Technologies Inc. and this enables us to offer wide range of state of the art laser technologies.

What we can offer more than others?
  • Technologies that others can't -  UV lasers, Green lasers, Vanadite lasers, High Power lasers, 3D laser marking systems.
  • Extended warranty and longer laser lifetime.
  • Expertise and advise on wide spectrum of technologies available.
Each and every laser has it's purpose.
  • Some materials can be marked only with certain types of lasers.
  • Some jobs can be completed only with specific laser technology.
  • On some materials only one certain laser technology can achieve high contrast marking.
  • Some materials can be marked without causing damage to product only with certain types of lasers.
These are only few examples of why there are so many different laser technologies.

There are only few manufacturers in the world manufacturing their own lasers, and there are even less manufacturers that invest in Research & Development of new laser technologies.

TELESIS is one of those few companies that manufacture their own lasers and also invest in Research & Development of new laser technologies.

Our partnership with TELESIS is what enables us to provide the most comprehensive insight in newest laser technology capabilities and give our customers the most informative consultations.

UV Lasers
UV laser technology is currently one of the most expensive laser technologies, but in many cases the only technology that can get the job done for certain applications.
Ultra Compact UVC based laser marker from TELESIS has gained flexibility and broadened the reach of applications that can be addressed.

The 355 nm UV laser wavelength is versatile in marking a wide range of materials and perfect for “cold marking” applications where heat affected zones are not allowed – the UVC can mark plastics and silicone materials without the need of additives and can also mark glass with a reduced risk of microfracture.
"Cold Marking"Glass markingHigh Contrast Marking
The excellent beam quality also affords this laser the ability to be utilized in micro marking applications such as electronics, circuit boards and microchips, in addition to solar panels and precise medical marking
Green Wavelength Laser Marker
TELESIS Green Wavelength Laser Marker series are based on advanced Q-switched, fiber-coupled, diode end-pumped and frequency doubled (green wavelength) Nd: YVO4 lasers.

The laser beam and Q-switched pulse characteristics are optimized for applications that require high beam quality and stability.

In addition - 532nm wavelength of the EV4G offers extra power and speed for precision marking, scribing, trimming and other material processing that is not well suited for near IR or CO2 wavelength lasers.

  • High Contrast Marking on Plastics
  • Expected Lifetime over 250 000 h

532nm VS 1060nm

Robust mechanical and optical design of the EV4GDS enables operation in industrial environments where shock, vibration and dust are a concern.

TELESIS Green Wavelength Lasers are completely air-cooled and comes in very compact, easily integrated package requiring very little maintenance.

With an expected lifetime for the pump diode of over 250 000 hours, downtime is dramatically reduced and because of the modular fiber coupled design, diode replacement can be completed quickly with no need to re-align the laser.

TELESIS E-Series Vanadite lasers
TELESIS E-Series diode-pumped YAG and vanadate laser markers offer improved beam quality, increased depth of focus, and higher peak powers compared to fiber lasers - for fine marking, heat-sensitive materials (metal foils, silicon, plastics, etc.), and applications where higher consistency is required.

Embedded controller versions requiring no separate PC are available for most models.
Power Range: 6 - 40W

TELESIS EY6DS laser, brochure (English)
TELESIS EY6DS laser, brochure (Russian)

High lifetime lasers - over 500 000 working hours
TELESIS EVC laser, brochure (English)
TELESIS EVC laser, brochure (Russian)

TELESIS EVCDS laser, brochure (English)
TELESIS EVCDS laser, brochure (Russian)

TELESIS EV10SDS & EV15DS lasers, brochure (English)
TELESIS EV10SDS & EV15DS lasers, brochure (Russian)

Innovative High Power Lasers
TELESIS EV40, 40W Laser Marking System, brochure (English)
TELESIS EV40, 40W Laser Marking System, brochure (Russian)
FQ30 Vari-Z Solid State Laser Marking System
The innovative, compact and flexible Vari-Z series of solid state laser marking systems are perfectly suited for advanced applications that require the processing of non-flat parts, multiple or uneven surfaces.

The 3-Axis beam deflection systems enable processing in three dimensions.
The focusing optic is galvo motor-driven, enabling it to quickly generate continuously variable stepwise image field sizes and the longest standard working distance available in the industry up to a total focused depth of 78mm.
This allows the user to change the working distance, field and spot size with the same galvo head, all under software control.

With 3-Axis Marking, you can maintain a consistent system focus and fluence throughout the working volume to achieve deeper engraving as well as faster material removal.

This functionality can be added to both the EV series and FQ series of laser markers.

Circumference marking without rotary/handling devices.
TELESIS Vari-Z technology allows you to wrap bitmap text and images around the circumference of a cylinder utilizing Vari-Z functionality.

This newest feature offers the customer the ability to eliminate rotary/handling devices from many applications that would previously
require part rotation in order to accurately place the text/image on the outside of a cylinder.

Also this feature dramatically reduce handling time in comparison to time required to mount part in rotary device for each marking cycle.

  • Auto Focus
  • 3D Laser Marking Capability
  • 78mm focus depth as standard
  • Circumference marking of cylindrical products
  • Lens options of 160mm (+/- 15mm focus) and 254mm (+/- 39mm focus)
  • 3 position galvo head can be configured at 0 O,90O or 1800
  • Visible Red Aiming Diode
  • Integrated PC system controller
  • CDRH Class 1 enclosures
  • MOTF (Marking On The Fly) encoders and part presence sensor kit
  • Additional Axis Automation for X,Y, Z and rotation
  • Fume/Dust Extractor
  • Design, build and integration of custom engineered solutions available
TeleView - Laser Marking Head Integrated Camera
For the newest generations of lasers TELESIS offer additional option of built in camera system called TeleView.

Advantages of having a built in TeleView camera in laser:
  • Operator can see part in monitor and can more accurately position and control marking.
  • Operator can see when laser is in focus on computer screen.
  • Built in verification and grading of Data Matrix and QR codes and part identification.
  • LiveView within TELESIS marking software - no need for additional software.
  • OCR recognition.
Integrated In-Line Vision
Telesis Integrated InLine Vision code reading technology saves the customer both time and money.

The laser marking head's internal camera saves the customer both complexity and space.
Our integrated software package makes setup and use easy, and delivers immediate results offering 2D, QR, UID, GS1 and UDI code verification and validation, the Telesis Integrated InLine Vision option is a powerful integration tool for vision applications and factory automation.

High Power Lasers for Deep Marking
Due to TELESIS investment in Research & Development of laser technologies new High Power - 100W, Fibre Laser for Deep Metal Marking has been released.
  • Deep Metal Marking
  • High Speed Fibre Laser
  • High Power Fibre Laser Marking System

Custom Built Dual Laser Marking Systems
TELESIS offers wide range of custom built laser marking systems and workstations.

Each and every laser can be built into any kind of individually designed workstation depending on customer needs.

To find out more about equipment we offer please contact us via e-mail: office@marking.ee

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