Laser safety equipment.

    In Eastern European countries laser safety is often forgotten and much less of a concern than it is in North America or Western European & Scandinavian manufacturing facilities, but technology is still the same and health risks remain the same.
    Many individuals managing workforce in factories still misunderstand meaning of what lasers used in industrial manufacturing environment actualy are.

    So what actually is Laser?
    LASER: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

    What harm can laser do to employees.
        - Damaged eyesight.

        - Burns to skin.
        - Toxic poisoning via fumes.

Laser energy is coherent, monochromatic and collimated, posing both - skin and eye hazards, depending upon wavelength and power.

    Retinal Hazard: From 400nm to 1400nm, the eye is 100,000 times more vulnerable to injury than the skin. Due to the focusing properties of the eye, irradiance in this region of 1mW/cm2 entering the eye irradiates the retina at 100W/cm2.
    Corneal/Lens Hazard: UV (190-400nm) and Mid/Far IR energy (1400-11,000nm)pose corneal/lens and skin hazards.
    What risks can incorrect operation of laser cause to company - employer?
        - Legal cases - compensation payouts to employees.
        - Downtime costs due to factory closure.
        - Bad reputation if violations exposed to public and partners.
        - Restrictions to obtain EU funding if breach of CE certification and Health & Safety is found in your project.
    In simplified form - Lasers can damage your eyesight, cause burns to your skin and cost a lot of money to owner of the company if Health & Safety breach is detected by governing body.

    This is why use of Laser Safety Equipment or Personal Protective Equipment is mandatory requirement in work with any laser machine.

Laser safety goggles, windows and barriers provide some levels of protection against injury from accidental and/or incidental direct or diffuse exposure to laser energy. offers wide range of Laser Safety Solutions like Safety Eyewear and custom made Safety Enclosures - for more information please contact us via our e-mail:

    Either you need just glasses or you want to legalise already preexisting manufacturing process where laser is used we might be able to help you with our solutions.
  • Protective / Safety eyewear (Glasses & Goggles)
  • Safety enclosures & Complete Workstations
  • Safety, laser filter windows
  • Fume extractors
  • Curtains, screens & blinds

    Laser Safety Eyewear.

    Laser Safety Glasses or Goggles as sometimes referred to, are made of three types of materials:
  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Glass
    Laser Fume Extractors.

    Laser Safety Enclosures & Workstations from TELESIS.

    (CDRH, CE Certified Class 1 Laser Marker Enclosures)

    Most of laser safety enclosures are designed and custom made for specific client requirements, but for some standard laser marking applications prefabricated systems are available.

    It is very important to choose the right laser safety enclosure system and workstation depending on each individual project needs.
Ultra compact TablePro, table top laser workstation.
DrawerPro, table top industrial workstation.

MiniStation, industrial laser enclosure.

ProStation, industrial laser enclosure.

TELESIS ProStation Laser Safety Enclosure, brochure (English)  

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