Industrial floor marking.
Self-Adhesive tapes & shapes for floor marking.

  • Plastic tapes.
  • Plastic shapes.
  • Warning tapes.
  • Self-Adhesive tapes.
  • Photoluminescent tapes.
Thermoplastic materials for road and area marking.
  • Thermoplastic material in rolls for road, parking area or industrial territory line marking.
  • Shapes and forms for pedestrian & cyclist road marking from thermoplastic material.
  • Road signs and creative design signs from thermoplastic materials.

  • Decorative, custom design signs, logos and drawings made from professional grade thermoplastic material for corporate or social installations.
    Company logos, children playground games or decorative public space improvements for installations on horizontal surfaces.
  • Additional technical materials for professional and high quality thermoplastic material installations on tarmac, asphalt, concrete and brick pavement surfaces.
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"Anti-slip" & "Anti-skid" materials, solutions and installation services.
  • Thermoplastic materials in rolls and fixed size forms for easy installation to increase safety and slip resistance on horizontal surfaces.
  • Industrial grade antislip tapes.
  • Industrial grade paint and chemical compound solutions for slip reduction purposes.
  • Anti-slip plates & boards.
    Specialized "anti-slip" plates which are designed to be attached using screws and carry special grip surface treatment.
  • Consulting.
  • Project design.
  • Industrial marking services.
    Private road (asphalt, concrete, brick pavement) surface and industrial floor marking services.
    Warehouse and factory floor marking services.
    Garage and workshop floor marking.
    Transport yard and commercial vehicle ramp - dock line marking.
    "Anti-Slip" tape, plate and thermoplastic material installations.
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