Industrial floor marking.
Specialized - Industrial grade floor marking products.
  • Plastic tapes.
  • Plastic shapes.
  • Warning tapes.
  • Self-Adhesive tapes.
  • Photoluminescent tapes.
"Anti-Slip" plates and boards.
Specialized "anti-slip" plates which are designed to be attached using screws and carry special grip surface treatment.

"Anti-Slip" plates we offer are not so called "metal plates with perforation".
"Anti-Slip" plates we offer are suitabe for wood terrace, staircase and other pedestrian walkways.

  • Suitable for wood constructions.
  • Suitable for sauna, swimming pool and other water related projects.

Self-Adhesive photoluminescent “glow in the dark” tapes.

Project design.
Marking services.
  • Concrete floor marking.
  • Warehouse and factory floor marking.
  • Garage and workshop floor marking.
  • Transport yard and commercial vehicle ramp - dock line marking.
  • "Anti-Slip" tape and plate installations.
  • Photoluminescent “glow in the dark” solution installations.
5S and 6S systems.
5S is a systematic approach to workplace organization.
1. Sort.
2. Set in Order.
3. Shine.
4. Standardize.
5. Sustain.
• Lower costs
• Better quality
• Improved safety
• Increased productivity
• Higher employee satisfaction
The added safety component enhances the original 5S methodology
The 6th S: Safety

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Label printers
Direct Thermal
Thermal Transfer

Non - contact marking
CIJ - Continuous inkjet
DOD - Piezoelectric inkjet
DOD - Thermal inkjet
Laser marking solutions
CO₂ Lasers
YAG & Fibre Lasers
UV, Green & Innovative Lasers
Contact marking
Hot Foil printers
Thermal Transfer Printers (TTO)
Label applicators
Dot-peen marking systems
Scribe marking systems

Portable marking equipment
Laser safety solutions
Laser Micromachining Systems
Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

Laser Cleaning Systems
Portable metal marking gun

Deep marking

Large marking window:
140mm x 40mm
Warehouse marking.