Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
marking.ee offer consulting services and Hybrid Additive Manufacturing equipment to customers in Baltic region.

Additive Manufacturing and Hybrid Additive Manufacturing are the main technologies leading so called Industry 4.0 revolution.

What is Hybrid Additive Manufacturing?
Hybrid Additive Manufacturing is manufacturing process where Additive Manufacturing is combined with machining process, for example CNC milling machine.

Sometimes term Hybrid Additive Manufacturing is also used to describe Advanced Additive Manufacturing process where multiple materials are being used in single machine - single production process.
For example - machines that can produce parts combining ceramics with metals or various metals in single part, under single processing cycle.

However Hybrid Additive Manufacturing machine which combines in itself Additive Manufacturing and machining also can use Advanced Additive Manufacturing using multiple materials bonding them together under single processing cycle and machining them afterwards within the same machine and within the same production cycle.

Can pre-existing CNC milling system be turned into modern Hybrid Additive manufacturing system?
  • Yes.
In some cases, if manufacturer already have CNC milling machine it is possible to upgrade it to Hybrid Additive Manufacturing system by installing Additive Manufacturing print module.
3D Printed Electronics
3D printers for electronic component manufacturing.

  • LTE, NFC, GPS, WiFi, WLAN, and Bluetooth antenna printing - manufacturing.
  • Semiconductor packaging.
  • Sensor manufacturing.
  • Touch Screen display manufacturing.
  • 3D microstructure manufacturing.

3D Printed Metals
3D printers for metal part manufacturing:

3D printers for installation on CNC machines:

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