Industrial marking equipment. offer wide range of marking equipment for use in industrial and manufacturing environment.

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Industrial Label Printers.
Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer label printers for label printing.

Textile Label Printers.
Special printers for clothing label printing and printing labels directly onto clothing.
Thermal Transfer "OverPrinters" for packaging lines. (TTO)
Thermal Transfer on-line printers, also called - print modules or overprinters for best before date, shift number, article number and any other variable information printing on packaging.
Industrial Inkjet Printers.
Continuous Inkjet Printers. (CIJ)
Continuous inkjet printers for best before date, shift number, batch number or any other variable information printing on packaging or product.
Piezoelectric High Resolution industrial inkjet printers for large character, whole label, barcode or any other variable information printing.
Multi Color Industrial High Resolution inkjet printers.
Industrial High Resolution inkjet printers for whole color label printing directly on product.

  • Reducing costs by eliminating expensive color labels.
  • Increasing versatility and independence of manufacturing facility.
UV color inkjet printers.
UV inkjet printers with Multi Color printing ability to print color labels directly on non-porous packaging materials like plastic, polysterene, film and others.
  • Direct GHS Color Label printing onto plastic containers.
  • Direct Color Label printing onto fish or frozen food packaging.
  • IP 65 rated and splash proof inkjet printers for dusty environments.
  • Solutions for wood & timber processing industry.
  • Solutions for fish processing industry Rugged & Tough industrial marking systems built into fishing vessels.
Automatic label applicators and pallet labelling systems.
Label applicators and "Print & Apply" systems for automatic pallet labelling.
Laser marking and engraving systems.
Laser marking systems for metal marking and engraving or reliable and cost effective product marking.
We offer wide range of high quality laser marking equipment from one of the market leaders in industrial laser field - TELESIS.

There are many laser brands available in the market, but only few of them actualy manufacture their own lasers and develop new laser technologies and USA based company TELESIS is one of the few that does

All laser marking systems we offer are actually made and developed "in house" within TELESIS facilities and not made by other sub-contractors like for some of our competitors.

This is why TELESIS can offer highest quality marking with their systems and develop new and inovative technologies like UV lasers and lasers with predicted lifespan of up to 500 000 hours.

  • PET bottle marking
  • Pipe marking
  • Glass marking
  • Tool marking
  • Anti - Counterfeit marking
  • Electronic marking
  • Copper marking
  • VIN marking
  • "Cold Marking"
  • Metal marking
  • Cable marking
  • Wood marking
  • Stainless steel marking
  • Safety marking
  • PCB marking
  • High contrast marking
  • Serial Number marking
Dot-peen (pin marking) systems for metal marking.
Electromechanical and pneumatic pin marking systems for metal marking and engraving.

Electromechanical TELESIS BenchMark® pin marking systems.
Move away from old fashioned marking with the solution that moves with you.
BenchMark® dot-peen marking systems, proudly manufactured in the U.S. by Telesis Technologies, enable you to easily achieve quality, permanent part marking virtually anywhere you need it.
TELESIS BenchMark 200, brochure (English)
TELESIS BenchMark 200, brochure (Russian)
TELESIS BenchMark 320, brochure (English)
TELESIS BenchMark 320, brochure (Russian)
Hand-Held Portable Electromechanical dot-peen marking system
TELESIS BenchMark 460, brochure (English)
TELESIS BenchMark 460, brochure (Russian)
Whether you have only an occasional need for marking, or if you need a marking capability in various locations, the BenchMark® series is ideal.
Unpack and Play.
All BenchMark® systems are designed for easy set-up and immediate use, right out of the box.
Since these systems are built on electromechanical pin designs, you can use these benchtop or handheld markers wherever you need them, unrestrained by the air supply lines competitors often use.
The fully-integrated but compact BenchMark® controller does not require connection to a PC. This proven controller is a separate unit, allowing for easier maintenance and providing easy programming with broad functionality.
Pneumatic TELESIS Pinstamp® pin marking systems that allow very deep marking on metal.
Widely used for VIN and Serial Number marking on parts that will be undergoing galvanizing and painting afterwards.
Fully programmable PINSTAMP® Single and Multi-Pin Marking Systems are based on Telesis' original, patented "Floating Pin" design.
A pneumatically driven and returned metal pin permanently indents the marking surface with either dot matrix or continuous line characters - even logos, graphics or 2-D Codes*.
Since the marking pin "floats" on constant return air pressure, surface irregularities up to 1/4" are easily accommodated and, no stress concentrations occur.
Since the force of the mark is controlled by air pressure, product marking can be "customized" to suit most any application. Telesis manufactures over 10 versatile PINSTAMP® Models. They are cost-effective in a wide range of stand alone or on-line manufacturing situations.
TeleScribe® Scribe Marking Systems 
The proven solution for permanent, low-noise, continuous character marking
TeleScribe® marking systems from Telesis Technologies are the preferred choice when low-noise marking is required.
Sometimes called "drop and drag" or scratch marking, scribe marking is an established standard for VIN marking and other applications where the noise of a standard dot peen marker is a concern.
As a world leader in permanent marking, Telesis engineers TeleScribe® marking systems to accommodate the high mechanical stresses of the application while delivering optimum legibility of the marked part.
All TeleScribe® systems utilize high quality rails and bearings to assure precise, repeatable pin positioning - ensuring consistent appearance of the mark from part to part.
  • TELESIS SS3700, brochure (English)
  • TELESIS SC5000 (Heavy Duty), brochure (English)
  • TELESIS SS5500 (High Performance), brochure (English)
  • TELESIS SC3500 (Versatile), brochure (English)
  • TELESIS SC2000/470 & SC2500/470, brochure (English)
IdentiPlate® DPP2000 Data Plate Printer
The fast, flexible DPP2000 automatically feeds and prints metal data plates in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.
This fully programmable, table-top unit prints multiple character sizes from .03" to 4.00" (.76 to 101.6mm) on a single plate using Telesis patented, low maintenance floating-pin technology.

Marking pattern design is quick and easy with DPP2000 user-friendly software.
Download Brochure (EN)
Download Brochure (RU)
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Laser cleaning systems
Industrial laser cleaning systems from German manufacturer 4JET Technologies Gmbh.

Rust removal
Paint & Varnish removal
Restoration works
Die & Mould cleaning (degreasing)
Tool cleaning
Surface preparation - Pre-treatment of surfaces prior to welding,
glueing or coating operations
TELESIS Brochures:
TELESIS Lasers, brochure (English)
TELESIS Laser Selection Guide, brochure (English)
TELESIS Product Guide, brochure (English)
TELESIS Software - Merlin LS, brochure (English)

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Deep marking

Large marking window:
140mm x 40mm
Warehouse marking.