alongside industrial marking equipment offers wide range of consumables for industrial marking applications.

Each and every consumable order for industrial marking machinery must be individually evaluated - there are unlimited options and variations available so to find the most cost effective solution specialist advice is recommended before ordering consumables.

You can not simply tell us that you need "labels", you must specify what type of labels you are looking for, what machine they will be overprinted in and how they will be used.

  • Choosing incorrect way of marking or ordering incorrect type of labels and consumables can unnecessary increase manufacturing costs.
Labels & Thermal Transfer Ribbons.
Self adhesive labels in rolls for industrial marking solutions and use in thermal transfer or direct thermal label printers.

Wide range of Thermal Transfer Ribbons for industrial desktop printers and print modules.
Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin and color ribbons for flat head and near edge print head printers - all ribbons available in various sizes.

Temperature indicator and irreversible labels.
Labels that can change color or predefined information depending on temperature changes.

Used in automotive industry and part manufacturing, used on products such as car brakes, or water pumps and other temperature sensitive devices.

Heat Resistant Labels and Tags.
Heat resistant or high temperature labels and tags can be used at temperatures over 150 degrees C (and in some cases, up to 1,650C).

They come in different colours and finishes (gloss, silver metallic etc.).  All can be pre-printed with a logo and text and can be overprinted with variable information such as serial numbers, batch codes or barcodes.

High temperature labels (sometimes known as heat resistant or heatproof stickers) have different characteristics and won’t all perform the same way. 
For example, some label materials can withstand prolonged high temperatures whilst others will only work at high temperatures for short periods. 

Heat resistant labels may also need to survive multiple reheating cycles and thermal transfer ribbons (inks) need to be carefully matched to the label and have to be tested.

Industrial Metal Tags.
Industrial blank or overprinted metal tags.

Tags can be produced from various metals and in various forms and shapes.

Depending on requirements they can be blank or already marked - engraved with necessary data.

Horticultural Labels & Tags for plant marking.
Horticultural Self Tie Loop Lock Labels for plant marking.

Special PVC, Vinyl and Tyvek labels designed to be waterproof and resistant to UV radiation and harsh weather conditions.

Labels can be overprinted in Thermal Transfer Label printers or simply marked with marker pen.

Upon higher order quantities customer can order his own design labels with logo or color artwork pre printed on each tag.

Thermal print heads for industrial printers.
Industrial thermal label printer print heads for wide range of printers such as Zebra, Datamax O'Neil, CAB, TEC, Intermec, SATO, OpenDate, Markem - Imaje, VideoJet, Domino, Carl-Valentin and others directly from manufacturer for very competitive prices.

Self -Adhesive tapes and shapes for industrial floor marking.
  • Floor marking tapes & shapes.
  • "Anti-Slip" tapes & shapes.
  • Hazard strips & striping.
  • Photoluminescent “glow in the dark” tapes.

Thermoplastic surface marking materials.
  • Thermoplastic material in rolls for line marking.
  • Pedestrian, Cyclist, Disabled and other signs and shapes for road marking.
  • Road marking signs from thermoplastic.
  • Hazard - Safety lines from thermoplastic.
  • Anti-slip thermoplastic materials.
  • Technical materials for thermoplatic installation and small porthole or crack repair in road surface.
  • Tactile surface marking materials.

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